One more


One scream

Escapes my lips

What happened

How’d it get to this?

One more scar

Bleeds and welts

No one could guess

How I felt

One more minute

I’ll give up

One more second Is preparation enough

One step

One word

One wound

One day

One tear

One scream

One scar

One minute

One second

This is how long it takes for someone to be thrown over the edge.

One hug

It brightens up my day

I smile and laugh

Nothing to say

One smile

Big as the sun

Can turn a gray day

Into one full of sun

One compliment

Straight from the heart

Keeps my world

From falling apart

One letter

Written to me

Makes it easier

For me to see

One more friend

Makes me smile

Something I haven’t done

In a while

One more dream

Keeps me alive

Shows me that

I can survive

One more day

I guess I’ll see

What it has

In store for me

One more minute

I’ll be alright

One more second

I guess I’ll fight

One hug

One smile

One compliment

One letter

One friend

One day

One minute

One second

This is all it takes to save a life.

So will you save me or turn away

Just think first about what you’re going to say.

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