I am sorry if I cannot be what you want me to be, but that is how I am, that is my identity.

I do not say that I am always right; there might be times when I am wrong. But, I do believe, mistakes make a person strong.

Let me be what I want to be, Do what I want to do.

Your opinions are yours; they are not mine to always follow, Make an attempt to understand me, don’t be too shallow.

We all need space, we all need using our own brain, so please let me be me, don’t try to change me again.

I might not be what you wanted me to be But, I will always be what I am.

Truly and sincerely speaking what is in my heart you might find it to be meaningless, maybe.

Or you might find the words too blunt or my attitude too rude

But, that is not me that is you seeing me the way you want to see me.

I might not pretend to like you, if I really don’t But, I will try my best to accept you the way you are.

Willingly and genuinely agreeing to disagree sometimes Have difference of opinion with you, Instead of falsely agreeing to what you say. I will always be true to myself and, true to you I would thus be.


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