First Impressions, Last Perceptions

It intrigues me to observe how we all form opinions in different ways and sometimes they are based on something so completely random. 

I like just about everyone. It takes a lot for me not to see the good in people. I may not be best friends with everyone, but I’m not usually quick to judge. I want to hear their stories. The stories that are always changing. What I thought when I first meet someone is rarely the same after we get to know each other. Always evolving….

It’s personality that makes us all different. It makes us valuable to give perspectives.
Fun is good. But you never know what can come of a playful moment, a misspoken sentence, an outfit you wear or a tweet you send. What perception do people have of you and how did they get there?
We create these images of people based on our interaction or on what we hear from other people. It’s not always fair, but when it happens, you need to take note and decide what your next step will be.
Since I started paying attention, I’ve heard people say things like:
  • I wouldn’t hire someone who wears those short/tight dresses in a professional setting.
  • I wouldn’t date a guy who has ever cheated on someone.
  • I wouldn’t want to work with someone who drinks that much.
  • That person isn’t a very good presenter. I’m surprised he made it to the director level.
  • I don’t have much respect for someone who says they hate to read.
  • I wouldn’t marry someone who already has a child.
So many comments once I started paying attention. It’s not easy to hear things about yourself that you don’t feel are true, but sometimes you need to make some changes while also staying true to yourself.
But life is subjective so sometimes your next step is to do nothing. To take the information under consideration and make note of it in the future. Monitor how people are perceiving your brand and figure out if something needs to be changed to get you where you want to go. But never lose who you really are along the way.

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