Beautiful Day

The sun was shining bright

Everything seemed so right

It was a beautiful day

and I decided to enjoy it in every way


I took off my shoes

and walked bare-footed on wet grass

Nothing was going to stop me now

Not even etiquette or class


I walked carelessly with a smile on my face

Giving myself to memories of childhood days

I remembered how it used to be

How I was allowed to be me

I decided to me myself again

Cast away every fear, stress or strain


I walked in the sand along the sea

Enjoying every moment I was me

It started to rain all of a sudden

And everyone ran for shelter

But I just spread my arms

And felt the drops of rain kissing my face

The rain soaked me completely

And I realized I was happy again


Seconds turned to minutes

and minutes to hours

It was still raining

and I was standing there at the sea

My life was just the way I wanted it to be

And then –


I Woke Up

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