I Am A Mystery



I have No beginning I have no end

Some say I’m straight some say I bend
I am your enemy, I am your friend.
I am a mystery.

A sunny day may bring the light
And darkness may fill the night
And I will still be out of sight
I am a mystery.

All days are just the same to me
And that’s how it will will always be
You may strain and peer and never see
I am a mystery.

Wars were fought and won and lost
The prize was still a terrible cost
I watched summers heat and winters frost
I am a mystery.

Men are born and live and die
Some spend a lifetime wondering why
They can’t define me, yet they try
I am a mystery.

Would it not be humorous to see
That there is nothing more to me
Than I will simply always be
A mystery.

About anasebrahem

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