When She Dances

When I watch her dance, I see perfection. The complexion of her moves; the reflection of emotions brings out the true beauty of the art. The way her body flows in fluid motions and the music goes on…it’s gorgeous. 

When she dances, the rest of the world is gone—she is alone: just her and music. The way she hits hard to the beat, waving her arms, swift feet. She is truly a poet…telling stories with her moves. The way she smiles as she dances, a sense of romance tingles inside of me; Not only lust after outer beauty, but lust after her musicality. Because in reality, personality beats physical features any day. 

I want to dance with her.

Because when she dances, I want that feeling of infinity; infinite counts, limitless boundaries. Free from sin, heavenly bliss.

The song ends. A new song plays, and when she dances again, a new story begins.

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