WHAT IS RELIGION? HOW IS IT THAT THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE RELIGIONS? Can Religion Be Devoid of Mysticism?  What is Mysticism?  Is Not Our Life On Earth a Profound Mystery? 

A man was walking on the road with his eyes intently towards the ground, as if he was looking for something. The devil and his friend were following him at a little distance away. 

“What is he looking for?” Devil’s friend asked. “The Truth”, replied the devil. 

The man suddenly stopped, bent down and picked up something. It looked like a shining crystal emanating beautiful colours. The man was so over-joyed that he began to dance. The devil standing a little away also started dancing. 

“Why are You dancing? You are the king of Untruth; You lead people away from Truth. It is no occasion for you to be joyful when that man has found the Truth. You must be sorry. You have lost one of your disciples.” 

The devil laughed heartily. “On the contrary, I have gained him. He will now be on my side,” the devil said. 

“How?” the friend asked, “with the Truth in his hand, he will now discard all your trickeries, which you employ for leading people away from God.” 

The devil chuckled. “You don’t know my ways. This man has at present seen the crystal in its true colours. As he reaches home, I shall start my work on him. I shall raise up the ego at present dormant in his mind. As his ego inflates, he will feel proud. You know what is pride? It is a nice inlet for me to enter the human mind. Gradually the inlet becomes a big gate allowing all my friends to enter, like anger and jealousy and greed and hatred and passion. His vision will change. His eyes will not be able to see the true colours of the crystal of truth; they will be polluted. The Truth will flicker now and then or here and there before his eyes, but that will be too negligible. The beautiful spectrum will be surrounded by the gray smoke of pride and ego emanating from his own eyes.” 

“What a way? No doubt, devil’s ways are not only cautioned against, but even praised, in God’s Scriptures,” the friend said with an almost abominable admiration. 

“Oh that poor God! His task is much more difficult than mine”, the devil said. “His Love finds it extremely arduous to enter the human heart; but my ego has a straight easy entry in the human mind. First he will feel proud to have possessed the Truth Crystal and if his neighbour tells him ‘I have also one’, he will say, ‘Mine is better than yours’, and both will start arguing and soon come to blows. Then I laugh and dance, and say within myself, ‘what fools they are? Fighting over the Truth! Oh donkeys! take out the smoke of ego and see the pristine spectrum…” 

* * * 
This is the work of devil on the humans. God has provided different Crystals of Truth – namely different Religions, and these humans have made them weapons of war.

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