Who are YOU as a Leader?

We are all leaders in our workplaces and wherever we are in our world. We DO make a difference if we choose to lead from where we are.

We are stepping into a new age of leadership. The age of living the SPIRIT of leadership, where we are facilitators not dictators. What do I mean by spirit? Spirit is vitality, aliveness and a deep feeling of shared values and mission. We must consciously lead if we are to have happy and profitable workplaces.

What does the leader of the future look like? He/she:

1. Believes in himself / herself
2. Has a passion for his / her work and workers
3. Is a coach
4. Is a mentor
5. Is a learner
6. Is a teacher
7. Listens deeply and beyond the words
8. Uses his / her talents in his /her work and brings out the talents of his / her workers
9. Inspires
10. Motivates
11. Sets and holds appropriate standards
12. Lives to his / her values
13. Is a follower as well as a leader
14. Creates a safe environment of trust, humor and creativity
15. Is credible
16. Is resilient
17. Takes care (renewal) of himself / herself and his / her workers
18. Tells the truth
19. Is aware of the consequences of his/her actions inside and outside the organization
20. Uses compassion and empathy
21. Is respectful of the pain that change can bring forward
22. Generates and takes heat
23. Lives in balance
24. Gives back to the community
25. Creates an environment where all in the organization can lead

Teamwork, trust and empowerment are all hallmarks of a leader. When you have healthy, successful workers you create a healthy, productive and profitable workplace.

Who are YOU as a Leader?

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