Managers and Leaders

Managers cuss. Leaders discuss.

Managers stew. Leaders do.

Managers resolve. Leaders involve.

Managers spare. Leaders share.

Managers pare. Leaders dare.

Managers require. Leaders inspire.

Managers preach. Leaders teach.

Managers depress. Leaders impress.

Managers detect. Leaders respect.

Managers haze. Leaders praise.

Managers control. Leaders extol.

Managers remand. Leaders expand.

Managers react. Leaders enact.

Managers yank. Leaders thank.

Managers bray. Leaders pay.

Managers follow rules. Leaders make them.

Managers dread failure. Leaders learn from it.

Managers do things right. Leaders do right things.

Managers focus on action. Leaders focus on vision.

Managers demand results. Leaders expand opportunities.

Managers think and work inside the box. Leaders can think work outside the box.

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