Live full and die empty



Live full and die empty

This is my philosophy

A purposeful methodology

To live life meaningfully

Maximize potential fully

Leave a lasting legacy

Daringly and diligently

Make a difference

Throughout the world

Ingest the living Word

Of divine incredible power

Let it equip and empower

Supernaturally flower

Causing you to flourish

God above will nourish

Your heart and soul

Touch and transform

To make you whole

Alter every attitude

Elevate your altitude

Rearrange associations

Kill devilish deviations

Stop social alienation

Align with positive people

Inwardly willing and capable

To contact, impact, and impart

Run from fools, hang with smart

Folks who have a bright future

Who can open opportunity’s door

Influence and improve you more

With intellectual brilliance never bore

Never feel less, nor insecure

Because of your present situation

Your current circumstantial reality

Is ultimately not your destiny

Rediscover your internal identity

Your magnificent mandate

To stand up tall and straight

Be all you can possibly be

Live life boldly and wholeheartedly

Absorb truth and wisdom insatiably

Hunger for it tirelessly and endlessly

Grasp, grow, and go after it aggressively

As you do, you shall be enlarged inwardly

Mightily manifest your utmost reality

Metamorphosis exploding into destiny

Serendipitously evolving in maturity

Be filled to give generously to humanity

Live graciously rather than greedily

Obtain and get in order to give humbly

Back to those who celebrate thee

Treasure, need, and ask for help

In teaching and giving you’ll grow

Exceedingly surpass all you know

Abundantly experience a breakthrough

Living full captivates and compels others

To draw and drink from your well within

Give what you’ve got and always win

To live full and die empty is saintly

It means you live most sacrificially

A full person is a precious commodity

Continually enhancing and giving birth

Making monumental deposits on earth

He who dies empty does so most happily

Being fulfilled and rewarded eternally

Appreciating in value and nobility indefinitely.

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