Leadership isn’t about blaming others, but realizing any blame levied should rest solely upon the leader.

The best leaders will only point the finger at one person – themselves.The truth of the matter is no victories are won by participating in the blame game.
Blame doesn’t inspire, it breeds malcontent and discord.
If trust is the cornerstone of leadership, then blame can only be viewed as the corrosive behavior that eats away at the foundation.
Don’t be the “Teflon” leader who worries about what might stick – be the mature leader who takes the hit, deals with the issue, and moves forward with character.
Lead – don’t blame…Real leaders won’t accept credit for success, but always claim responsibility for failure.
In analyzing why some leaders struggle with blame shifting I’ve concluded it usually comes down to an overabundance of pride or a lack of courage.
Excuses, rationalizations, and justifications will never serve as an adequate substitute for courage and humility.
Those in leadership positions who talk rather than listen, and point fingers rather than take decisive action have simply failed to lead.

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