Adieu to Manipal group for a new sunshine! – My Farewell Email



Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah. And a very good day.

30th of April, 2013 marks the last day of my journey in this company. Another big step in my life, really. To be honest, I don’t even know what I should write for my farewell message. I wrote a few articles before but no doubt, this is definitely a tough one. I don’t know how to write in decent language that makes you feel like reading a sonata. I also don’t want it to be too formal that some of you might just scroll down at this page for a few seconds and click the ‘close window’ icon.

So I will just be me. Plain, passionate and sincere message that will make it Anas Ebrahem Style.

My journey in Manipal Group – I could not be more grateful to Allah that I have been given a chance to be a part of Manipal family. Truly I am.

I am very grateful to Mr. Jerry Joseph Sir – Deputy Director HR of Manipal University who interviewed me back in 2007. Thank you Sir for recruiting me and welcoming me to the Manipal Family / Group. I am also thankful to the International admissions team of Manipal University where I worked for a very short stint. Thank you to Diana Ma’am, Sheela Ma’am, Suresh Sir, Sakaram Sir and Sunanda Ma’am. It was a pleasure working with you all.

I’m proud to be Kasturba Hospital, Manipal staff and be a part of Manipal Family / Group. I learned a lot. Seriously a lot. This company and the people in it have taught me many lessons, be it in my career and personal life. And I appreciate and being thankful for all experiences and moments that I have spent here. Of course there were some challenges for me but a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner, aye?

What’s Next? – “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’m leaving for a better job. I feel the change will be beneficial to my long term career goals and objectives

My Heartiest Dedication – There are just too many friends that I have in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and in Manipal University and from Manipal group. Please forgive me for not being able to state those names one by one and I hope I do not hurt your feeling if I forget to mention your name here.

Oh, before i forget, thanks for the farewell tea party. I really appreciate if from the very bottom of my heart. Not to forget all gifts and wonderful presents that I never expected to receive. You guys are just way too kind.

To all 3 medical Superintendents of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal with whom I have interacted during my period here:

  1. Air Vice Marshal Dr TS Raghuraman AVSM Sir
  2. Dr (Col) R R Pulgaonkar Sir and
  3. Dr (Col) M Dayananda Sir

All of you have been tremendous personalities in my journey at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. You hold a high position yet you are very modest, humble and down to earth. I definitely admire all the qualities that you possess. I enjoyed working with all three of you. Thank you for being so nice to me.

Kasturba Hospital Senior Management Team: Dr (Col) M Dayananda Sir, Dr. Sudhakar Kantipudi Sir, Ms. Nirupa Srinivas Ma’am, Mr. Suresh Shenoy Sir, Mr. Anil Paul Jacob Sir, Mr. Jibu Thomas Sir, Dearest Nursing Superintendent Yashodha Ma’am, Ms. Rita Karkada Ma’am, Mr. Sathish K Sir, Mr. Madhukar Sir, Mr. Mohan Shetty Sir :-  Thank you for the advices and support that you have given to me during my period here. I truly appreciate that. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work with all of you.

I would also like to thank Dr Abhijith PG, Dr Ashwini Wagle, Mr Sanjay Panda Sir, Mr Suryanarayan Bhat Sir, Mr Ananth Padmanabha Sir, Dr Kranthi Kiran, Mr Siddharth Gupta, Mr Govindaraju, Mr Prashanth MNE,Uttesh Hegde, Aurojith and Kaushal Pathak for all their support given to me during their tenure in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

Operations ,Marketing, HR & Finance Executive Team members of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal: Dr. Vijay Shalton Serrao, Dr. Nikhil, Sonali,  Suchetha, Krishnaprasad (KP), Breenila, Vijetha, Dr. Monisha, Romilla, Dr. Deb Biswas, Ravikiran B Pai, Abhinay, Bob, Shivaram, Ashwini, Keerthi, Indira, Shaija Ma’am, Kramer and Guruprasad Suvarna :-  We share a lot of moments and memories. That moments that I shared with you guys is definitely one of the most treasured moments in my life. Thank you all for being a good friend. I always will be grateful that I know all of you. Keep up the good work!

Dr TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi and Dr TMA Pai Rotary Hospital Karkala Team: Dr. Parvathi Bhat Ma’am & Dr. Avinash Sir

I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to both of you. Thank you Dr. Parvathi Ma’am for your blessings on my farewell day. I really needed it.

Dr. Parvathi Ma’am and Dr. Avinash Sir – My sincere apologies if any shortcoming from my side while coordinating for any artwork or if any miss communications from my side during my tenure here. Do forgive me 🙂

Thank you Mr. Deepak Prabhu. It was a pleasure knowing you.

I also want to convey my Thank you to all the Doctors from Dr. TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi and Dr. TMA Pai Rotary Hospital, Karkala for all the support given to me and who participated in the TV and Radio Talks.

Special thanks to Dr. Shashikiran Umakanth Sir, Dr. Janardhan Aithal Sir, Dr. Asha Hegde Ma’am, Dr. Satheesha Nayak Sir, Dr. Shirish Shetty Sir, Dr. Rajaram Pai Sir, Dr. Shashikala K Bhat Ma’am. Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention any of you. Do know that your contribution is deeply appreciated. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and May God bless you abundantly.

Establishment Department Team of KH, Manipal: Srinivas Sir, Patil Sir, Prema Ma’am, Divya, Nagaveni, Sangitha, Guruprasad, Ramesh, Uma, Anitha, Nagashree

Despatch section Team of KH, Manipal: Lewis Sir, Prabhavathi Ma’am, Sharanesh, Manohar, Babanna and Geetha amma’s and

IT Team of KH, Manipal: Mr. Sadanand Kamath Sir, Sudhir Nayak, Krishna Prasad, Veena Ma’am and the rest of the team members

Your advice and wishes are always been appreciated. Thanks for the support and love

MHB Team, Bangalore: Saghir Siddiqui Sir, Raman Bhaskar Sir, Anjana Ma’am, Debjani, Arun Chakravarthy, Manjunath Sir, Shankar Narayan, Praveen Kumar K, Gerald Vijay, Santosh B M, Ratheef, Mahesh Babu, Francis Dilip Y, Shylesh Shedgar Nagaraj Sir, Richard Roy, Dinu Daniel, Devraj M N, Rajesh KR, Jojis Mathew, George Kutty, Mohammed Imranulla, Manjunath B Sharma, Dinesh Kumar,Bhushan Palkar, Darshith, Pramodh K,

MH Team Goa – Ronald Sir, Thomas and Arjun Machado

MH Vizag: Pravat Pradhan

MH Salem: Jashva P. Daniel, Maharaj Kumar

MH Vijaywada: Suresh Babu Sir

KMC Hospitals, Mangalore Team: Natesh, Pavan and Jayaram, Deepak Prabhu

And all others who I met during our Manipal Sales & Marketing Outbound Learning Program “SANKALP” in Dandeli Last year i.e., 24th and 25th February 2012. I had an amazing time. It was truly awesome learning experience! It was great interacting with you all. Thank you all for making me this program so great and memorable! It was a great opportunity knowing each one of you and at the same time a learning process for me to work as a team and be united for a single goal. My heartfelt thanks to all of you. My thanks to each and every one of you for supporting me in your own personal way. I treasure you all.

To all Head of Departments of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and to all the Doctors & Nurses of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal:

Thank you for six years of support and encouragement to me. I will be eternally grateful for everything and I won’t forget the great experiences! Thank you for preparing me for the next stage and for the rest of my life. I will remember your words and teaching wherever I am. I have learned so much.

Special Thanks to

  1. Dr. Sampath Sir, Dr. Rajagopal Shenoy Sir, Dr. Stanley Mathew Sir, Dr. Annappa Kudva Sir, Dr. Raghunath Prabhu, Dr. Gabriel Rodrigues from Surgery Department
  2. Dr. Sudha Vidyasagar Ma’am, Dr. Mukhyaprana Prabhu Sir, Dr. Ragini Bekur Ma’am, Dr. Vasudev Acharya Sir, Dr. Vinay R Pandit Sir, Dr. Karthik Rao, Dr. Suman S Karanth, Dr. Raghavendra, Dr. Chandrashekar UK Sir from Medicine Department
  3. Dr. Padmakumar Sir and Dr. Ranjan Shetty Sir from Cardiology Department
  4. Dr. Donald Sir, Dr. Krishna Sharan Sir, Dr. PU Saxena Sir and Nalini Ma’am from Radiotherapy and Oncology Department
  5. Dr. Padmaraj Hegde Sir and Dr. Joseph Thomas Sir from Urology Department
  6. Dr. Annamma Kurien Ma’am from Pathology, MMMC, Manipal University.
  7. Ms. Elsa Sanatombi  from MCONS
  8. Dr. Ravindra Prabhu Sir and Dr. Manohar Bairy Sir from Nephrology Department
  9. Dr. Pushpa Kini Ma’am, Dr. Sunil Mundkur Sir, Dr. Ramesh Bhat Sir and Dr. Shrikiran Hebbar Sir from Pediatrics Department
  10. Dr. Vijay Kumar Sir from Pediatric Surgery
  11. Dr. Lavanya Rao Ma’am, Dr. Vijaya Pai Ma’am , Dr. Sulatha Bhandary Ma’am, Dr. Manali Ma’am, Dr Krishna Rao Ma’am, Dr Ajay Kamath Sir and Dr Yogish S Kamath Sir from Ophthalmology
  12. Dr. VRK Rao Sir , Dr. Rajagopal KV Sir, Dr. Smiti Ma’am, Dr. Anurag Ayachit Sir and Sumitra Ma’am from Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging
  13. Dr. Shovan Saha Sir, Dr. Vinita Acharya Ma’am, Mrs. Sebastina Anitha DSouza Ma’am from Occupational Therapy
  14. Dr. Sudha Bhat Ma’am and Dr. Shamme Girish Ma’am from Department of Immunohematology and blood transfusion
  15. Dr. Girish KM from Clinical Genetics
  16. Dr. Sharath Rao Sir, Dr Kiran KV Acharya Sir, Dr. Sandeep Vijayan Sir, Dr. Shyam Sunder Bhat Sir and Dr. Anil K Bhat Sir from Orthopedics department
  17. Dr. MS Kamath Sir, Dr. KJ Malgi Sir, Dr. Basavaraj Hadapada Sir, Dr. Kamath Madhusudhan Sir, Dr. Anupama V Nayak Ma’am and Dr. Shripathi Adiga Sir from Ayurveda Department
  18. Dr. Pragna Rao Ma’am, Dr. Anushree Ma’am, Dr. Krishnanda Prabhu Sir, Dr. Gopalkrishna K Sir, Dr. Nalini Ma’am, Dr. Gopalakrishna Bhat Sir, Dr. Ravindra Maradi Sir, Dr. Varashree BS Ma’am, Dr. Jeevan Kumar Shetty Sir and Dr. Anjali Rao Ma’am from Biochemistry Department
  19. Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhya Y Sir and Dr. Kiran Chawla Ma’am from Microbiology Department
  20. Dr. Ganapathi Joisa Sir, Dr. Annapoorna Acharya Ma’am, Mrs. Gayathri Nayak Ma’am, and Mr Govardhan Reddy from Yoga department
  21. Dr. Venkatraj Aithal Sir, Dr. G Kanaka Ma’am, Dr. Krishna Y Sir, Dr. Veena KD Ma’am, Mr. Kishan MM Sir, Ms. Usha Devdas Ma’am, Ms. Bhargavi PG Ma’am  from Speech and Hearing Department
  22. Dr. Balakrishnan Sir from ENT Department
  23. Dr. Shrutakirthi D Shenoi Ma’am, Dr C Balachandran Sir and Dr Satish Pai Sir from Dermatology Department
  24. Dr. Pramod Kumar Sir from Plastic Surgery Department
  25. Dr Ganesh Pai Sir from Gstroenterology Department
  26. Dr. Lavanya Rai Ma’am, Dr. Prashnath K Adiga Sir, Dr. Shyamala G Ma’am from OBG Department
  27. Dr. Pratap Sir from MARC
  28. Dr. Subraya Bhat Sir, Dr. Rashmi Nayak Ma’am, Dr. Sunil Muthalik Sir, Dr. Shashidhar Acharya Sir from MCODS, Manipal
  29. Ms. Sahana Kotian, Ms. Winniecia Dkhar, Mr. Suresh Sukumar from MCOAHS
  30. Ms. Geethanjali Pradeep from Finance, MIT

And to all In-charges & Friends from Billing, Transport, Security, IT, Help desk, Registration, Infection Control Committee, Quality, PRE’s, Pharmacy, Health Check, Medical Records, Stationary, Dieticians, Nurses, Admission & Yashasvini staff, House keeping, people whom I met in all Kasturba Hospital related events and functions, my juniors, and all friends that i know. (And please forward this to people whom you think I have missed.)

No amount of thank you would be able to describe how much I appreciate all of you

Your presence brings so much joy into my life

It’s enlighten my journey and gives me strength

It’s no use crying over the spilled milk but I truly regret for all my mistakes

I’m deeply sorry if I have hurt your feeling

I seek to be forgiven and I hope you are willing to forgive

It is hard to say goodbye, so I’ll just say till we meet again

And I hope that the absence makes the heart grow fonder

You will certainly be missed

Ending – Thank you for spending some of your precious time to read this. I’m nobody that I need to write a long farewell message but truly, I feel a little bit unease without saying a proper goodbye.

Do keep in touch.

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Anything you wish.

I love all of you

And from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah.

Anas Ebrahem

24 April 2013

“A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up”

To Stand When Others Sit


“Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for – because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” – Peter Marshall

It’s been said that courage is the point at which all other character traits are tested.

It’s also the point at which our private morality is pushed into the public sphere. It can be difficult to stand up for what’s right when it would be so much easier to shrink to the background of the moment.

Moral courage is the difference between those who stand and those who don’t.

What Would You Do? 

What would you do if you saw a father humiliating his child in public? What would you say? Would you “butt in” where you weren’t invited? Or would you silently bite your tongue and turn away?

What would you do if you saw a teenager trying to steal from a store? Would you intervene? Would you alert someone? Or would you look the other way?

What if you saw someone beating his girlfriend in a parked car in front of your home? Would it move you to action? Would you defend her? Would you call the police? Or would you shake your head and pull the blinds?

What would you do if your friends started teasing someone for being “fat” or “ugly” or “handicapped”? Would you be willing to risk losing friends for doing what’s right?

Most of us will have opportunities like these to decide whether we will stand tall in the moment or sit on the sidelines – silent, passive, hoping someone bigger, stronger, better will step in for us to address the wrong.

Indeed, each moral dilemma begs a set of questions, urging us to decide: Do I get involved? Do I say something? Should I physically intervene? At what cost to me and family if I do? At what cost to society and to who I most fundamentally am at my core if I don’t?

These are not easy questions. But they are defining.

Society Needs You

Remember, a neighborhood is nothing more than the sum of its individual members. A society or culture is the organic outpouring of the way its citizens live and interact with each other.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We don’t have to look very far to recognize the need to stand and be counted as a moral agent for good in a society that seems increasingly to have lost its way.

I’ve seen people push others around while the crowd looks on with indignant faces and immobile bodies. They say nothing. They do nothing. And another inconsiderate jerk gets taught yet again that people will let jerks get away with being jerks.

In an era of guns and bombs and gangs and wars, we’re understandably timid about interjecting ourselves into moral conflicts between people we know, much more so for people we don’t know. But is the social price we pay too great for the personal safety we retain?

Edmund Burke said it most memorably when he said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I would add that it’s easy for good men to do nothing when they sink their heads into the sands of blissful ignorance. You can’t take action against what you don’t know is happening, after all.


I recently saw a show called WWYD (What Would You Do) hosted by John Quinones on ABC. It’s an ethical dilemma series where undercover cameras are secretly planted at a public location and actors are hired to act out some morally objectionable scenario in public to see how bystanders respond.

The most interesting (and alarming) thing to me is that although some stand and speak out, most don’t. They felt uncomfortable; some even outraged, they confided in Quinones afterwards, but didn’t want to get involved or didn’t feel it was any of their business in the moment.

Is Public Behavior Private?

Self-respect and self-dignity should push us past the point of inertia. But in case you believe public behavior is not public business, here’s a clarifying question for you to consider: If your own child was being bullied (or worse), would you want others to stand and be counted, or stay out of it and mind their own business?


You see, there is no virtue in hoping others will stand up and help our own while we stay seated for theirs.

The test of one’s moral convictions is not in the safety of a questionnaire or in the sterile environment of a trial study, but in the field, in real life, when and where it counts. That’s where true moral courage is necessary. And it’s in those moments that standing up for what does right can make a world of difference.

It’s Time to Stand!

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Such people who take a public stand for what’s right in such circumstances become the heroes we honor and celebrate.

But why? Why do we pay homage to those who take public stands against evil, who do what’s right in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, who take their values and character to heart and into the streets to change things? Why do we hold people like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and others up as worthy of emulation?

Moral Instinct

I believe it’s because something deep inside of us yearns for the noble and the good. We instinctively recognize the praise-worthiness of moral courage selflessly acted on behalf of another. We aspire to be like them even if our moral courage has not been exercised enough to compel us to take that stand. Regardless, we still recognize the rightness of it when others do.

“It is any day better to stand erect with a broken and bandaged head then to crawl on one’s belly, in order to be able to save one’s head” – Mahatma Gandhi

We’ve all heard stories of rape victims being attacked in hallways where everyone behind closed doors heard the screams for help, but were too scared or indifferent to get involved.

Well, that sort of self-protective moral apathy to another human being is not the world I’m willing to help create, even if it means putting my life at risk to stand up and be counted at the most critical moment.

How about you?

A Few Clarifying Questions:

  1.  If everyone was the kind of employer or employee you are, how successful would the business be? How enjoyable would it be work there? How much work would get done? What would the corporate culture be like? How long would the business last?
  2. If everyone treated their spouse like you treat yours, how happy would marriage be? What would happen to the already-huge divorce rate? How would children be affected?
  3. If everyone treated their kids like you treat your kids, what would the world’s youth grow up to be like? How happy would childhood be? How confident and kind and free of fears would they be?
  4. If everyone lived life the same exact way you do, what would the world be like? What would people spend their time and money on? What kind of culture would we live in?


 Standing for something can be hard when our convictions and sense of right is challenged in the real world where there are bad guys and people do some pretty shocking things. But imagine a world where no one stood up to those who inflicted pain. Imagine a world in which all people minded their own business, never stepping up to help someone being pushed around.

Now imagine a world where everyone stood up to be counted as their neighbor’s brother and sister, where people looked out for each other, had each others’ backs, whose love for you and me compelled them to risk their own security to enhance yours and mine.

Which society would you want to live in? Which one would you want to raise your kids?

Which one will you help create?

Stand and be counted…



What would the statue of your life look like?

Stand and be Counted : Are You Standing on the Sidelines of Your Own Life?

What would the statue of your life look like? 


If a statue were to be erected in your honor, what would it be sculpted to look like?

Would it stand nobly, squared shoulders, strong, facing the elements or would it be nervously slouched as though hiding in the shadows of taller monuments?

Would the statue be holding a pen, a ball, a child or lifting a fallen stranger from the ground? Or would it be clutching a TV remote and a bag of chips in its stony hand with the look of boredom dully etched onto its granite face?

What would be inscribed on its base? Would it say, “Here sat …” or “Here slept …” or “Here shrugged …”? Or would it instead proclaim “Here stood …”

What Do You Stand For?

What do you say, “No more!” to? Where do you draw a line in the sand of your life? What are you totally committed to? To what are you willing to dedicate your time and effort, heart and soul? For what are you ready to stand and be counted?

History is filled with pages of people giving everything they had for a cause much bigger than they were, devoting their lives to principles, holding to something higher than their own self-interest. And so we have the Gandhis and Mother Teresas and Martin Luther King Jrs and Nelson Mandelas of the world and countless others who stand or stood for something grand and noble.

“Until you know what you are willing to die for, you have not yet begun to live.” ~ Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Whether we heroically stand alone against evil or join a movement or whether we simply live everyday far away from the spotlight, but deep in the trenches of life, how we stand determines, in part, who we end up becoming. And who we are, deep at the core, determines if and when we stand.

So if you haven’t yet mustered the courage to stand and stand tall, standing up for what’s right, then perhaps by the end of this post,  you will be inspired to stretch your moral legs and pull yourself to a full upright position, the position, by the way, men and women were meant to live their lives.

This post will deal with areas of life where we may have spent too much time sitting on the sidelines, afraid to get off the bench.

Here’s the first …

Are you sitting on the sidelines of your own life?

Are you in your own game, or have you benched yourself indefinitely? Too many people never quite get out of their proverbial pajamas and get dressed for life.

They sleep too long and watch too much TV and hang out too often and spend too much time with social media and YouTube or playing computer games, observing life as though through a window as a Peeping Tom would observe people from behind the safety of a bush in the dark. They watch life more than live it.

They have no goals, no plans, no aspirations. They go nowhere because they never decide where to go. Some are lazy. Others fear failure or public ridicule. Some put off the hard things in life because they never learned to delay some immediate gratification for future greatness.

It’s Time To Stand And Be Counted

It’s your life. No one else will ever live it for you. It will be what you make of it. So get out of the bushes of life. Get out of bed and turn off the TV and get doing something. Anything.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

So pick up a book and learn something you didn’t know before. Pick up a musical instrument and start learning how to play it. Join a club. Volunteer at a hospital. Get outside and climb something or run somewhere or build something. Break a bad habit. Work to improve a character trait. Challenge a fear. Set some goals for yourself and start to be and do things you never thought possible.

Stand now and be counted among the living! Get up and truly come alive with passion and purpose, with meaning and direction, and start being what you were always meant to be …… the master of your own destiny.

Your Turn – Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I am a child of royal birth



My father is king of heaven and earth

My spirit was born in the courts on high;

A child beloved, a prince am I.
I was nurtured there;I lived by his side,

In a home where patience and love abide

My mother was there in that glorious place,

Blessing her children with queenly grace.

I grew to the stature that spirits grow,

I gained the knowledge I need to know

I was taught the truth and I know the plan,

That God and the Christ laid out for man.

I was there when the stars of morning sang,

I mingled my voice when the heavens rang.

I was there to rejoice, to praise and applaud

The shouts of joy from the songs of God.

I waited my turn and I came to earth

Through the wonderful channel of human birth,

Then the curtains were closed and the past was gone,

On the future, too, the curtains were drawn.

I live on the earth, and God will it so,

With the freedom to choose the way I should go.

I must search for the truth, I must serve and obey,

I must walk by my faith many miles of the way.

Someday I’ll go back; I will answer the call,

I’ll return with my records to the Father of All.

The book will be opened and so will my heart,

There will be rejoicing if I’ve done my part.

My Father, the King, with His infinite love

Will welcome me back to the mansions above.

The curtains will part and eternity

In its light and glory will open to me.

I am brave, yet scared.



I am brave, yet scared.

I wonder how life would be in the future.

I hear that little voice in my head telling me when I’m wrong.

I see the life I want to live.

I want to become successful in life.

I am brave, yet scared.


I pretend that I’m fine, when I’m really not.


I feel I’m not good enough for others.

I touch other people’s hearts, yet I worry my touch would hurt them.

I cry when overly frustrated.

I am brave, yet scared.

I understand that life isn’t easy.

I say ”Fuck the world” & live how you want too.

I dream of all the things I want to have.

I try my best to become successful.

I hope for the best, and everything turns out okay.

I am brave, yet scared.

The lonely

the lonely do not see the streets paved in gold
the aged cobblestone under their feet 
walking the journey of heartache alone
hoping to meet the ones who will accept tiny pieces of their broken soul
dancing alone on the empty streets wishing the pain would subside
learning to walk home with no one at their side
the bitter silent deserted nights 
empty like the heart
the lonely walk through life 
hoping to dance in the night embracing someone 
to bid farewell to the misery and torment of being alone

The Joy of Passion


What makes your heart beat?

What pumps hot blood through your veins like fire?

What keeps you awake at night and yanks you from bed in the morning to get started again?

What drives you, compels you, excites you?

What do you love?

Passion as Gratitude – Life was created for you to live it. And I mean truly, deeply, passionately live it. It was meant for you to take it by the horns and wrestle it to the ground, feeling the push and pull of the dynamic that is life in each step of every day. The more passion you can muster for the good things of life, as a matter of fact, the happier you will be. In once sense, passion for what God has created is one way to express gratitude for the blessing of life, the opportunity given to live it, the possibilities made available to us, and the desire we have to deeply drink of its beauty and not waste the precious moments.

Yearn to Learn – So go out and explore life. Learn the lessons of it waits to teach you. Learn why things happen the way they do. Develop a yearning for learning. So many people spend so much pf their precious time sitting on their rear ends watching others pretend to live in half-hour clips of mind- and moral-numbing entertainment. You were not made to view the pretended lives of others acting out scripts on stages through boxes in living rooms.

You were meant to find passion and excitement. You were meant to find purpose and meaning.You were meant to explore and expand and excite and create and develop and build and do.

Learn something new every day of your life. Never let a day go by that you don’t gain some insight, develop a degree of wisdom, come to understand something you didn’t before.

Be curious. Feed your curiosity. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, as the saying goes. It lit up the sky, shrunk the earth, cured disease, put us in the air and on the moon and below the waves and in 100 story buildings.

Hunger to learn. Pick an instrument and learn to play it. Learn to dance or do Taekwondo. Learn to sew or scrapbook or bake or fish or bike or fix the radiator. And never stop. When you graduate, keep learning. Read. Discover. Grow.

What do you want to do? What would you like to learn? What talents or skills or abilities or hobbies would you like to pursue? Name them, then pursue them!

Technology has done so much to shrink the world. Use it for good! Learn something for free online. Get together with like-minded people and work together on those things for which you feel the stirrings of passion. Stir those flames and act on the inspiration to lift and grow and become!

Paint and write and dance and sing and play and climb and explore and sculpt and repair and cook and write and volunteer and improve and pray and serve.

Love = Passion

Reach out to others. Love them. Forgive them. Embrace them. Get passionate about them. Let your heart feel the beat of their hearts.

Reach out to others in need. Lift and encourage those who are struggling to cope with life.

Be an example of love. BE love.

Think about others. Take time to be with others. Cherish them. The more passionate you are about people, the greater joy you will feel in living.

But start close to home. Love your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings. Love them so much you can ignore their weaknesses and forgive their shortcomings.

Be passionate about loving yourself too! Accept who you are even while working to learn and grow and overcome. Stare into the mirror and have no judgment, think no ill will, feel no regret. Just feel love.

Choose Passion … Choose Happiness

Decide to live with passion. It is, after all, so much more a choice than you realize. You can wake up and laze around the house for hours on end and do just enough in life to get by, or you can choose to make life matter, to do something creative or adventurous or meaningful. You can shrink into the corner of your life or step into the sunshine of more love and kindness and compassion and gratitude … and passion.

Live life passionately and fill your life with things you can feel passionate about.

So, turn off the TV. Open the door. Go outside. Look around. What needs changing? Figure out a way to change it! What needs doing? Figure out a way to go do it! Who needs you? Figure out a way to serve them!

Get passionate about life! Get passionate about living! And then pause for a moment and enjoy the passion of a happy life well lived!

What are you passionate about?

Leave your mark – Inspiration for everyone

It’s never too late to try something new.
Or bet a new you. Or learn to stay true.
It’s not that difficult not to hate.
You can change your fate. You can try, it’s never too late.
Success is failure turned inside out.

Take a look if it’s that you doubt. Go see the world, walk about.
Don’t waste your time – life’s not a game.
Don’t even bother with greed and fame. You’ll only have yourself to blame.
Follow that Silver Star,
But don’t drift too far. You’ll be left with a scar.
To remind you of the day,
You lost your way. Don’t be lead astray.
Shower everyone with love.
The angels will smile from above.
Leave your mark on the world.

Management Tip of the Day – Team Building At Work With Future Boards


We should do “future boards” as a team building activity.

The idea is to create a present reminder of what you would like to unfold in your future, using pictures, words, or whatever best represents the idea. Some call it a vision or goal board. It is simply a visual representation of the things that inspire you and that you want to manifest in your life. You hang it where you will see it daily.

The good thing about doing this activity as a team is you learn what’s most important for people. Sometimes you can help them with their goals or at the very least encourage them to keep working on them. It could be a work-related goal such as selling a particular account or a earning a promotion. It could be a picture of a car / dream house. It could be a life adventure such as a trip to visit Tibet. It might even be all of the above.

it is a great way to connect. you can put them on desks as reminders and it helped other people in the organization know what we were interested in as well.

How to create a future board for yourself, your team or your organization:

1. Get a cork board and start collecting pictures, papers and things to represent the people, places and activities you desire in your life. Cut out quotes or words that represent inspiration for you.

Some questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck:

  • Why am I thinking about my future?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • How do I want to feel? How do I visually represent that?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • What makes me happy?
  • Why do I get out of bed in the morning?
  • What goals do I have for my personal health or well-being?
  • What inspires me?

2. Attach the items to your board and use more paper, sticky notes or marker to attach visible meaning to the items.

3. Rinse and repeat (or change as needed to keep yourself energized!).

Future boarding allows you to crystallize your thoughts about your future, inspire yourself AND at the same time teach others about you.

Creating your future board, u will have more positive thoughts about your future, and more ideas for reaching your goals. So give it a try!

Would love to see pictures of your future boards!!!!!!!!!!!





Date a girl who takes photographs. Date a girl whose favorite sound is the click-click of the shutter as it closes and opens to capture a memory. Date a girl who sees beauty in the simplest of things. Date a girl who looks at the world and wonders how to put a little of herself into it.

You might find her in the park, lost behind her lens, the world …a blur around her as she tries to capture a single moment in time. You might find her in an exhibit, a look of concentration on her face as she contemplates a photograph that called out to her as she was passing by. Or maybe you will find her in a bookstore, a book in her lap as she pores over photographs of weddings all the while wondering what hers would look like.

Take her out to photo walks and laugh as she tries to take a picture of you. When she gets tired of walking, buy her cupcakes but wait until she has taken pictures of them before eating them. Listen as she tells you her ideas for a photo shoot on the ride home.Take her to a restaurant and wait patiently as she surveys the menu carefully, appreciating the food photography. And again, wait until she has taken a photo of your food before digging in. Allow her to introduce you to Ansel Adams while you both eat your lunch. Introduce her to your favorite musician as you wait for the bill to arrive. When you get home, change your Facebook profile picture to a photograph she has taken of you. She silently hopes for it.

Take stolen shots of her. Compile it and give it to her on her birthday. Tell her you love her over and over until your voice replaces the click of the shutter as her favorite sound. Kiss her on the nose as she lifts her head up from the camera. Give her camera-shaped necklaces. Go places with her.

You will never be bored again.

Date a girl who takes photographs. She will never whine about a little dirt on her favorite pair of jeans as she kneels down to get a better angle of her subject. She will never be afraid to go on adventures with you. She will take photographs of you not just with her camera but with her mind as well and keep it to herself to admire late at night. But above all, she will teach you how to look at the world through different perspectives and she will do so unknowingly.

Marry a girl who takes photographs. Ditch those wedding photography books and give her the most beautiful wedding you could. She will teach your kids to find the beauty in everything just as she has taught you. Every day will be an adventure as she tries to create memories photograph-worthy with you. She may wake you up in the middle of the night because she is buzzing with ideas but she will make it up in the morning with a stack of hot pancakes beside a steaming cup of your favorite coffee blend.

Grow old with a girl who takes photographs. Sit with her on the front porch as you both pore over the bits and pieces of the moments you’ve shared together. Stroke her hair as you both relive the photo walks that you took and the places you went when you were both young. Smile as you both reenact your clever wedding vows.

Date a girl who takes photographs because she will never let anyone take you away from her like she will never let anyone steal her photographs. Because she will inspire the fuck out of you. Because she will always see that “something” in the most “nothing” of things.