Behind every rapist



Behind every rapist is he himself who could not control his beastly emotions but he is not the only one.

Because, behind every rapist,

– is a Father who treated his wife as a slave.

– is a Mother who meekly followed her husband’s whims.

– is a Sister who kept quiet or even supported her brother who harassed other girls.

– is a Friend who thought it is cool to tease a girl and even cooler to rape her.

– is a Girl who misuses her charm to use a guy.

– is a Grandmother who sees her newborn grand-daughter and gets depressed.

– is the In-laws who harass their daughter-in-law for dowry.

– is the Education System which offers advanced courses on Physics, Chemistry and Biology but doesn’t offer basics on sex education.

– is a TV serial where the female lead devises plans of consummation of her marriage even when she knows her husband loves somebody else.

– is a Novel which portrays the weakness of a woman as her sacrifice for her family and her meekness as a virtue.

– is a Patriarchal System which preaches that the woman has little to no rights in decision-making.

– is the Alcohol/drugs which makes one insane.

– is the News Chanel which broadcasts rape news as an entertainment.

– is a Politician who thinks that child marriage will solve the rape problem.

– is a Lawmaker who comes up with biased laws against the victim.

– is a Legal System which has a provision for rape victim to marry her rapist.

– is a Society which takes pride in depicting woman as a sexual object.

…and in the end, behind every rapist, is You and Me who shout on top of our lungs “Castrate, Life Imprison, Hang in Public, Burn, Cut one hand and a leg of the rapist” for 5 days and then forget everything and get on with our life

-by a frustrated citizen of a morally dead nation.

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