I am an Actor



Acting, for me, is an art form like painting or writing; it’s a process. Part of the process that I love is breaking in the new people. But if acting is your passion, you have to make it a priority. You have to do the footwork to succeed. You can start by building your foundation, and learning that it takes more than being a “natural” to become an actor.

If you want to become a successful actor, here is my advice:

Study! Study! Study! You wouldn’t become a brain surgeon without medical school.and you won’t become a great actor without training. Yes, I know you’re thinking: “But I have natural ability.” Well, so did Picasso, but he still studied art. You need the foundation. The foundation is everything. You don’t have to like Shakespeare, but you better understand it and know how to speak it. You may never have to reach the last row in a theater, but you better know how to maintain your voice without blowing it. You may never need a perfect speech pattern, but you better start working on it or you will never grow out of being cast as the kid from Brooklyn, Atlanta, Kansas, or Texas. What you will need is the foundation that helps you to find your character even when you don’t relate to it at all, the foundation you can reach down to when you need a starting place. Like any solid foundation, it will serve you for years and years.

Grow a thick hide. No one suffers more rejection than actors. You can’t take it personally. You must be able to walk out of an audition and know you can say, “I did the very best I could.”

Be prepared. Know your lines. Never show up to an audition without a picture (a picture that looks like you) and resume. And always be on time. Remember this: Casting people want you to get the job. They want to like what you’re doing. They want to like you. If you’re at least prepared, you’re making it that much easier for them and for yourself.

And for god’s sake, go to the movies! I don’t just mean the most recent blockbuster, but all movies. Get the Independent Film Channel, Sundance Channel, and watch those films. Go the the video store and rent all the old classics. They’re “classics” for a reason. There is some great work out there. See it. Also, go to the theater and see what is happening there. If for some reason your town doesn’t have a theater, go to the library and read plays. There are infinite ways you can get access to films. All you have to do is make an effort and make building your foundation a priority.

Be disciplined and tenacious.and maybe we’ll be seeing you at the movies.


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