High School Friendships

Let me now talk about the value of high school friendship. These are the people who have known you at your best and worst. They have been with you through good and bad times, through triumphs and failures, through victories and defeats. They are those who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. They may stab you, but they will stab you in front with their frank and well-meaning words. These true friends may get in your way, but only when you happen to go down.

Exciting times await you in college and you will meet people from all walks of life. You will meet some who would influence you, and others also whose lives you would touch. You will spend time with people of similar interests, and laugh with those with the same sense of humor. You will find people who study longer and perhaps drink more bottles of beer or tequila shots than you.

You will continue to share many experiences with your newfound friends. However, during the low and trying moments in your life — your first heartbreak; flunking a major exam; getting fired from work; meeting an accident; getting seriously ill, experiencing loss in your family — your high school friends will be among the first who will give you comfort and support. They are not the fair weather friends who would only be there when times are good but will scamper away when situations turn unpleasant. These friends have no requests nor expect any favors, except for the favor of your loyalty and friendship. They are the ones who punched the school bully after he pushed you; they who stood with you as you were caught by your teacher; they who helped finish your science project when no one else would; they who opposed your misplaced curiosity, but came to your rescue nonetheless.

So go out and meet people. Experience life as it awaits you. Nurture new friendships and relationships, but do not forget your real friends, your high school friends. Remember to thank these people who have helped you make this day possible. They will cherish your friendship as you do theirs, with no pretensions and vested interests.

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