When life get really busy and you feel like you have the whole world on your mind. its a crazy and overwhelming feeling. but its those times where you actually feel like your life has true purpose and that you belong and that there are people who actually need you and look up to you.

I know several people who have lost lives, and lost people they love and care for, even as the years go by it never gets easier or any better, but you get stronger and you find a way to move on, but never forget the past, but keep it with you forever. The truth is, that every single one of us needs to feel like you are needed by someone, that someone loves you and will miss you when you are gone. We all need to constantly be told that we are loved. it gives life a greater sense of purpose and significance.

 its always three words that have ths strongest and msot effective meanings. I hate you, i love you, i need you, i miss you, i forgive you, i trust you. but although we love hearing these words over and over again, and they mean so much to us, do we ever think: what do these words mean if you dont really mean them when you say them, and if they dont speak your hearts desire. the fact of the matter is, that we like to hear what pleases us, even if its for a little while, and when someone says they need you, or that they love you, it pleases you and makes life so much brighter, even if its for a little while, and then you have a purpose to strive and move on, and grow stronger and better each day.

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2 Responses to WHAT A HEART WANTS

  1. audraaugust says:

    This is so awesome. A meaningful message with such nice simplicity. Love it.

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