In modern society, rudeness seems to be as prevalent as Starbucks. Wherever you turn is someone who never seemed to learn basic manners or who is acting as though they are the most important person in the room. Rudeness is a symptom of a greater problem, caused by people who do not respect their fellow men and women. If everyone respected themselves and others, most of society’s problems would cease to exist, including rudeness.

There are many common places which breed rudeness. The one element that they all share is that they are situations which can lead to high stress levels. Often, when people get frustrated they take out their negative feelings on the nearest person.

One answer may be our frantic work schedules, which gives us little choice but to live in the fast lane and run over anyone who gets in the way. Stress levels are higher than they have ever been, and we are taking our frustrations out on others more frequently than in previous years.

 I’ve been on the receiving end of rude behavior on many occasions, and have often wondered if some people are acting this way intentionally because they want their issues to be validated by a stranger. Later I realized that they were rude on purpose because they knew it would be easy to get away with it, and nobody would hold them responsible.

Being polite is a skill, and it must be taught. Unfortunately, aggressive behavior is highly valued these days, and it’s rewarded too. I remember the bullies at the school when I was a kid. They seemed to have more friends and their personality was like a magnet for the other students. For many years I believed that I needed to change my strategy. If I wanted to be well liked, I had no choice but to be mean, perhaps cruel. Ultimately I did do this, it gave me a bad rep and further down the line I went back to everyone of  those teachers and students apologizing for my actions.

We are always in each other’s face. We work in places with few walls; therefore, finding a private space just for ourselves is difficult. When not in the office, we just tune out the rest of the world. Out comes the cell phone or the laptop computer, and if anyone violates our personal boundaries, we have an excuse to explode.

Good manners are contagious, so you don’t have to fall into the same trap as so many others have done. Practice them everyday, and if enough people follow suit things will change for the better.

 A simple thank you can do wonders.



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