Sometimes i go through days where i really want to write, i really want to inspire, and i really want to motivate, but the words that i want to say never come out the way i want them to. this is probably one of those days…

I went to a funeral of a distant relative a week or two back, and although i hadn’t really known the person for long, i looked around myself and i too felt the immensity of grief and the pain that everyone felt. And it made me think about life and my life and what i’ve done and what i do, everyday. am i the kind of person that people care about? that people look up to? that people will miss when im gone? it numbs you when you think about life and how short it is, and when you think about how the next moment could be your last. And when you think about everything you want…

Because i want to be loved, i want to love, i want to feel free, i want to believe in myself, i want to be looked up to, i want to have a family, i want to feel proud, i want to change people, i want to take risks, i want to go places where i could never see myself, i want to feel how it feels to truly live life knowing that one day when you least expect it, it will end.

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