Sharing thoughts and emotions with people.



I guess it is all just weird and strange to me because I am the type of person who prefers to keep emotions and thoughts to myself most of the time, unless I choose to share it. And I don’t always choose to share it.

I don’t mind listening to other people’s thoughts or stories because I know it makes some people happier when they share their stories and thoughts. And since they become happier by sharing, I just let them.

But when they expect me to share my thoughts and emotions as easily as they did to me…that’s when I have issues. I mean, I am not always comfortable doing as what they did…because I am just simply not an extrovert! I am an introvert.

What most people don’t understand about extroversion and introversion is that you don’t HAVE to be outgoing and friendly to be an extrovert and that you don’t HAVE to be shy and quiet to be an introvert.

I find my energy by being alone…and while I do enjoy being around people, I do tire out after a while…and I need some time to “recharge”.

I like being introspective. I love to think and explore my thoughts and feelings thoroughly in a environment by myself. It just who I am.

Forcing me to share my thoughts and emotions with others is a bit cruel…and then making me feel bad about not sharing my thoughts and feelings with others is even more cruel.

It is almost like saying who I am is WRONG…and everything about my existence is WRONG.

I don’t think some people can understand that. Unfortunately.



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