Your Creative Nature



When you were born onto this earth you were filled with the potential to create. Some of you have embraced this potential, recognized the power and call yourself an artist. Sing, paint, sew, bake, garden, design, write, sculpt, weave, dance. Some of your were compelled to name yourself an artist by surrendering to the power, the ache in your soul to release the potential……a necessary compulsion.

For others you say “I am not an artist”. But a human being’s life force flows in the direction of creativity. When you block the stream of creativity the energy is trapped inside your soul and body. This energy is repressed. It cannot escape. The energy can take the form of anxiety, an uncertainty in your soul, anger, restlessness or even illness and depression.
By allowing your creativity to flow freely you will heal your soul, your mind and your body. It is your creative nature as a human being. Are you realizing your creative potential? Live as an Art Epicurean.
I think many of us do not think we are artists because we narrowly define what that means – working within the “traditional arts” such as painting, sculpture, dance, etc.

What we need to remember is that creating a meeting format at work that allows everyone to interact is art. Carrying on a fine, deep conversation with a friend is art. Writing a loving letter to someone is art. Making a new mobile phone app is art.

Art and creativity are everywhere and we need to embrace our own artists, even if we don’t know a paintbrush from a chisel.

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