Are You a Person of Substance or Pretense?

Do you value style more than substance? Are you just loud and no melody?

Most people these days have devoted their time, energy and money in showing off. Their lives revolve on being someone who they are not. They become so absorbed trying to live the lifestyle to which they do not belong. They love to be seen even though there is nothing to see (in them).

They love to be shocking to get attention. They are like colorful balloons. They look pretty on the outside but all air in the inside.


These people seem to have everything except themselves. In their pretending they have forgotten who they really are. They have come to be ashamed of their past life, friends and mostly their past selves. They will desperately protect their status quo even if their actual status is a big K.O.

But these pretenders cannot escape themselves in the end. Their shallow ways of life will soon evaporate. And then, they will only be left with themselves, their real selves. They will have to look at the man in the mirror whom they hate and deny.

On the contrary, a person of substance is a person who does not pretend. He knows who he is, no more no less. He is joyful of his strengths and aware of his weakness. He tries to improve himself, but he does it based on reality. He does not change his “acting”, but he changes his being. The more he changes himself for the better, the more people respect him. He does not need to pretend to be someone who is not because he knows it is useless.

A person of substance does not try to win the approval of others. But others try to win his approval. He does not have the desire to shock and awe others. He knows that silent waters run deep.

Stop pretending.

Be yourself.

Be your better self.

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