Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself

 Sometimes you just have to take a step back, and take time for yourself. You aren’t ignoring anyone, and you’re not throwing them to the side. You just need a little time to yourself to get some perspective. Some time alone.

 I don’t often get that space because it seems people are always at me… Whether it be for advice, help with something…. I don’t mind, but I, as a person, need time once in a while. So, why am i not allowed that?

 When I feel I need time, people act like I am pushing them aside… or that I am ‘grumpy’ or in a ‘mood’… That is not the case. I just want to be alone.. That’s all. That’s when I am not in the mood to laugh or smile. I don’t feel like cracking jokes. I just want to sit here, read, and mind my own business for a little bit while working through some things in my mind.

 Yet, people won’t allow me that. They come at me in my room, while I am eating dinner… It’s like people can’t leave me alone for one second. Like I am hunted. I don’t have to laugh or talk 24/7. No one sits there and talks 24/7. Everyone needs a break and space.

 So, allow me that. I am exhausted, and I just want to be alone for a little bit. Is that too much to ask?

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