I would want to be famous

I would want to be famous

Honestly, I would want to be famous. Not for the money, the opportunities, or the media attention. 

When the world knows who you are, you have the ability to make things happen for others. Knowing you can have that effect on people is empowering. When you’re a role-model or idol, you have the power to make someone’s day by tweeting them back or following them. 

You could grant a dying cancer patient’s wish just by spending a few minutes in their hospital room. You could give free concert passes/signed merchandise to a disabled child who looks up to you unconditionally. 

You could give a free concert to soldiers far away from home. There’s so many lives you could change just by walking into a room, even though you know it’s just you. 

Yeah there’s always hate and critics, but when you can make a difference like that, what else matters? 

When you make it big, you have the power and capability to change the world. So why not do it, then? 

I would just love to have the chance to make such a widespread difference.

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