God or Devil is a state of mind.

God or Devil is a state of mind.
The philosophy of religion or the institute of God and Devil is the human’s greatest discovery. It is intended for regulation of human mind for exploring their potential. God or Devil is not a physical object. It is a state of mind. We are all misled by the notion of god is an object. Go through the following questions to determine which mental state of mind you are in? Discover whether you are in aGodly state or Devilish state? God asked us to love our fellow man and to be compassionate for the needy. Devil asked us to hate our fellow man and to be indifferent towards the needy. Are we loving our fellow man or indifferent towards the needy? God asked us to face the problems of life with courage and confidence.Devil asked us to face the problems of life with fear and diffidence. Are we confident in our pursuits or doubtful always? God asked us to experience our creative capacity and lead life of joy and celebration. Devil asked us to be doubtful and lead life of misery and frustration. Are we leading life of joy and celebration or leading life of misery and frustration?
Heaven or Hell is contrasting energies within us
God and Devil; heaven and hell are a state of mind. The philosophy of religion or the concept of heaven and hell is created by the humans. It was created to mirror contrasting states of human mind. It was intended to balance the contrasting energies. Its goal is to control the unstable mind and to harness its potential to the fullest extent. However, unfortunately, the philosophy of religioncreated differences among the man kind. Various religions fighting among themselves based on the letter rather than the spirit of it. The philosophy of religion is abused.
Godly state is feeling oneness with others
God is love. Love includes all the people. God is a belief. Belief drives the fear and doubts away from us. There is no place in the god’s world for egoistic behavior. Love and compassion form part of life. Devil is fear and doubt. Devil is an ego. Ego creates a comparison. It creates superiority feeling or inferiority feeling. Devil is indifference. Indifference helps the exploiter and ravages the victim.
Mediocrity is a devilish state
We are ignorant of the fact that the god is within us. We are filled with creative capacity. However, our life is marked with mediocrity. We set impotent goals, not match with our true potential. We lead indiscipline life. Frustration and unhappiness predominate in our life.
Abuse of the philosophy of God
The concept of “God is love” is remained as quotation. It is not translated into actions. The philosophy of religion is being abused. We preach love and compassion, but we are indifferent towards the suffering of our fellow people. We say we are believers, but we are doubtful in our pursuits. We learnt to care about ourselves only, the concept of love and compassion had lost its relevance. We become so indifferent towards our fellowman. The concept of corruption and Nepotism are our cherished practices. The starvation cries of the people are not reaching our ears. We are leading selfish and indifferent life? We are moving away from the God
The goal of philosophy of God is happiness. know the secret of happiness.

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