Being Like Jesus

Being Like Jesus

Being Like Jesus

“… a man of wicked devices is hated” (Proverbs 14:17b).

Jesus is the preeminent example for how Christians should live their lives.

He never used people or manipulated them to get what he wanted; he was never deceiving or misleading.

He spoke the truth in love, was a friend to the friendless, and loved others unconditionally.

He never stepped on people to gain position or power. He was not impressed with the pursuit of riches or political clout.

He served others, held his tongue and turned the other cheek – even though these characteristics were perceived as signs of weakness.

His motives were pure and unselfish, and he gave without expecting anything in return.

How far short we fall from His example! All too often, we resort to the tactics of the world to obtain what we desire.

We ultimately end up using the same schemes, plans, and devices that Satan uses.

We take advantage of others for personal gain and manipulate people who possess the things we desire.

We use deception to secure a contract or land a big account by misleading a client about our past success.

We love conditionally and befriend those who can offer something back in return.

We chase after prosperity and prestige, and we are more concerned about our reputation than we are in helping others.

We scheme and connive to get ahead at work, to own more “toys” than our neighbors and to be the most respected and envied man at church.

Godly men, we must not be masters of wicked devices, but we must be followers of the Master.

We must pattern our lives after His and allow the Holy Spirit to conform us to His likeness.

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