What It Means to Become Superhuman

What It Means to Become Superhuman

What It Means to Become Superhuman

Becoming superhuman, that certainly sounds interesting…but what does it even mean anyway? Is it a silly idea, something only reserved for comic books and science fiction?

I think we all know what it means to be human. That’s easy. But while we throw around the word “super” a lot, you’ve probably never thought much about its meaning. So let’s take a look at it…

s entry in the Online Etymology Dictionary:

“from L. adverb and preposition super “above, over, on the top (of), beyond, besides, in addition to,” from PIE base *uper “over.”

So if super means going over and beyond something, being superhuman means living a life over and beyond that of the normal, average person. Being part of the top percentage, the human elite, who refuse to accept mediocrity in any aspect of life.

Every Man a Superhero – Of all the superheroes in popular culture, I’ve always been most drawn to Batman. While many superheroes come by their superpowers through genetic blessing or freakish accident, Batman is a regular guy who gained his superhuman abilities on his own. He studied science, perfected his body, sharpened his mind and powers of deduction, and utilized technology. He became superhuman through his own effort, adding to his powers element by element.

While such a transformation might seem like a flight of unrealistic fantasy, it’s really not. While we may never quite approach Batman’s level of prowess, we can build ourselves into men whose abilities far surpass that of the average joe.

Becoming superhuman involves reaching for ever greater heights in all areas of our lives: physical, mental, moral, and spiritual.

The average man spends his days as a sedentary lump; the superhuman man strives to keep himself in peak physical condition.

The average man rarely cracks open a book after college; the superhuman man is dedicated to lifelong learning, constantly feeding his mind with books, magazines, and newspapers and studying a wide variety of topics.

The average man cheats and fudges here and there; the superhuman man makes his word his bond and lives every day with integrity.

The average man is content with surface pleasures and material goods; the superhuman man explores the greater depths of life through meditation or prayer.

So we should strive to become superhuman in all areas of our lives, but such a task sounds, well, super-overwhelming. The reason many of us ignore the kind of moment described in the introduction is that the vista of our potential is both beautiful and enticing and overpowering and paralyzing. It’s a vast landscape that stretches outward and upward. “How will I ever be able to explore all this territory?” we think. Getting started seems too difficult, so we’d rather stay where it’s safe and comfortable.

The key is simply to take the first step. Don’t think about tackling every aspect of your life at once. Choose just one peak to climb, and once you’ve scaled that mountain, you will be strengthened and able to see things from a new view, leaving you ready to explore other areas.

But which peak should you choose first?

Deep down you know which one to pick. It has always stood in the middle of your life, inspiring you with its majestic heights while mocking you with the fact that you’ve yet to reach the top.

once you make that area of your life the way you’ve always wanted it, that will give you the power and confidence to tackle the rest on your journey to becoming superhuman.

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