Painting Who You Are with Your WORDS



Say what you mean…and mean what you say because you are painting the world with your words.

Our lives are like art…with each of our words like brush strokes on a canvas. With each and every thing we say, we are painting a picture of who we are with our words. Recently, when I said this out loud, it was like the words beautifully laid out before me…a lesson I had never considered…painting my OWN life and beliefs with each word I spoke. Each word…a brush stroke on the world saying, “This is me.”

In my lifetime, I’ve never considered this before…although I know that words that are spoken leave a mark on the world…sometimes dark…sometimes beautiful. Carefully considered words can move a life…a community…a world into action. But looking at my life like a canvas spoke to me. My words tell who I am. What you see with my words is my painting…this is who I am…this is my life. And what I have come to understand is that this is the same for everyone.

If you listen carefully, you will see who you are with your words. Not just with the carefully chosen words when company is over but when you are just talking…or arguing…or when you think no one is listening. Even your unspoken words have light brush strokes on your life. Know this…and be changed.

So next time you see a beautiful painting or you respond with love and kindness to someone or you stand up for something you believe in, stop and look at your own life…because you…who you are…and who you are reaching to be is a beautiful work of art.

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