If God were on Facebook…



If God were on Facebook, there is so much that I would share,

What’s on my mind, I would put it all there.

Like two Facebook friends, the two of us could bond,.

I would send him messages, and occasionally he might respond.

He might share some pictures too, of himself and where he dwells.

I could see his profile, I could get to know him well.

I might like his status, he might like mine too,

Or he might ignore me like some sometimes do.

He might chide me and comment on what I’d often say

He might advise me to think of him, to sit down and pray

He would have many friends I guess, waiting to chat online,

He may appear, disappear and often go off line.

And wouldn’t I just love to receive notifications from him

Should he decide to poke me,on a silly funny whim.

If God were on Facebook, it would be fun I believe,

I could share with him all my sorrows, my joy and my grief.

On days that I would need Him, then I’d tag him along,

For I know at times I falter and I need to be strong…

I do think to some this may seem rather strange

That I need God on Facebook, I may seem so deranged,

But it’s just a happy thought, thinking that I could connect,

God would be a click away, on the world wide net.

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