Writing – A Lost Art

Writing – A Lost Art


shutterstock_119533879 [Converted] writing

Writing on paper is becoming a lost art. Many nowadays choose to use computers to write and send letters. It seems like the most convenient means of sending and receiving messages. But what value does it hold? Another message in a folder full of read emails? What sentimental value does it have? Can you smell the scent of the writer’s ink; the emotions in the words and phrases – NO! A letter can tell many stories – the squiggly letters where the hands have trembled or the blurred words where the tears have dropped, where frantic writing exposes the writer’s excitement and the crossed out words that depict the writer’s true feelings.

The older the letter, the faded it is; becomes crumpled and dog-eared but memories remain vibrant. You can keep the letter under your pillow and read it at will without the hassle of locating it on the computer. The writer’s smell also lingers on the paper and it keeps one occupied for hours in the blissful memories that it brings. The emotions captured cannot be done so with an old email – words may carry weight but hand-writing never fails to leave an impression. It’s a lost practice and thus handwriting is now a thing of the past and tends to be more and more disfigured as the years pass and technology takes over.

All you get in your mailbox nowadays are your bills – the most off-putting thing of the month. But a letter written from a loved one truly lightens the mood and builds excitement. Either the news be a welcome or sad one, it still relays the true feelings of the writer. Though a rare occurrence, a letter does make a difference if it’s written by hand and ink.

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