Have you ever wondered whether you’ve ever inspired someone to do something good? or inspired someone to make a change in their own lives or for that matter in anyone else’s lives. Everyone has something in them that’s truly good enough to inspire someone else. Whether it’s a simple thing like inspiration to start a blog, or something that can change the course of their lives such as inspiration to take life as it comes and truly believe that something means a lot more than the naked eye can see.

Its inspiration which can take us anywhere we want. Time and again I’ve been inspired, by pictures, by people, by books, by actions, and each and every time it changes me, an I’d always like to think that it does makes me a bigger and better person. I’ve always had a dream to inspire someone, to make a difference in someone’s life, to make someone value their lives so much more, to teach people how important it is to cherish every moment and love everyone who has ever helped you in any way. i aspire to inspire.

Truth is, it differs from person to person and inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. Whether it comes from a simple picture, or a song, or a person, or a story. no matter how small the medium, how small the beginning, the outcome and the true value of that inspiration in someone’s life, becomes so colossal that many people probably don’t instantly, even notice the change. But the best inspiration of all is that that changes you from within, and that is inspiration that only you yourself can feel.

So every day when you wake up, think for a second: Where do you get your inspiration from?



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